We are just an average Australian couple from separate parts of Australia. Fortunately, we both share a love for travelling, food, and exploring! However, we do have our own interests!

We've currently been travelling the globe since November 2013 and have been based in Vancouver for a couple of months now. However, all good things must come to an end and we are headed home shortly!

But, here is a little bit of information about ourselves:

 London in the middle of winter!

London in the middle of winter!


Public Servant by day, outdoor enthusiast come weekends. I love everything about travelling. The people, the food, the adventures. Only when you are outside of your comfort zone can you really discover alot about who you are, and where you want to be. Wannabee foodie at heart, average mountain climber/hiker and enjoys being outside climbing up a mountain.


Formerly a western coaster but learnt the error of her ways and moved to the nations capital to for work where I met Josh. I'm a yoga loving, fitness fanatic, travelling obsessive whom has to wake up the bear. Love to enjoy a few glasses of wine and having a dance wherever there is a floor going! Now to get Josh to enjoy dancing...

Our Goal

To help educate people about various cultures, cuisines, and adventures that they can take themselves on!

We want to build Travelling with a Bear into a travel advice site where people are able to gather ideas for their own trips!