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Hi Everyone –

Well it is now July and I last wrote in February – I haven’t been very diligent with this blog thing! We are coming up to the end of our Vancouver stay - a strange but exciting feeling.

After planning to work hard for three months and then hitting the road again, we will end up for being here for six. Things didn’t really go to plan on the job front so it’s taken a bit more time to save money than we thought. In a way it is a difficult period of time to stay in a city – just about settled in and then getting ready to leave. I remember when I moved to Canberra it wasn’t until the six month mark that I started to feel like I could actually make myself a home there, and it is the same feeling here. I think it probably takes about a year to really settle in.

 Couldn't be more relaxed!

Couldn't be more relaxed!

We had a long weekend last weekend and went to Penticton in the Okanagan Wine Region of BC. Wow! It was a highlight of our time in BC for sure. I know Josh would agree – when we were on our hire boat in the middle of the Okanagan Lake and he was doing synchronized flips into the water with Cillian, he looked like a little boy at Christmas. It was an amazing trip, I think partly due to the two couples we went with – Karen and Michael, and Tina and Cillian.

 On the boat in the Okanagan!

On the boat in the Okanagan!



We have been extremely lucky with the people we have met here, and over the last three months we have developed much stronger friendships. It has made me realise that we could be very happy here longer term, if only our Australian friends and family weren’t so far away. A two year working visa is one thing, but I don’t think I could live somewhere permanently quite so far away from home. I feel lucky to have such amazing people in Australia that are hard to stay away from!

Having this experience in Vancouver has again made me appreciate that it is not the city that you live in that is important, but who is there with you. Canberra has become one of my most favourite places in the world because of the life-long friends I have made – and now we have been just as lucky here in Vancouver. Without these travel experiences I wouldn’t know some of my most favourite people - which makes me feel lucky and grateful for these opportunities. That was deep…haha. But I guess if I am only going to write two blogs I should make them count!

Other highlights for me over the last few months have been enjoying my afternoon and weekend runs along the seawall. I try and hit the 10km mark before stopping to take photos but sometimes it’s impossible. It must be how a new mum feels – there has been times where I have had to ask myself, am I going overboard on instragramming the seawall? At least it’s not selfies I guess! Haha. But it is truly breathtaking down there. I will miss that view.

I’ve also enjoyed learning how to play gaelic football with my new irish friends – I’m not overly good at it but its such a fun game! Also I absolutely loved Victoria – more restaurants per capita than any city in Canada – sounds like somewhere Josh and I belong hehe. My friend Mel from Perth has been living there for 5 years, and showed us around. Her love for the city was infectious, and I can understand why she has stayed there.

I am definitely starting to miss little things about Australia and I am getting very excited at the thought of seeing you all. I especially can’t wait to meet my niece Ellie Rose who is already 6 months old! I hope she forgives her Aunty for missing out on spending this time with her – I have some cuddles to catch up on that’s for sure.  We also have a very special wedding to come home to which will help keep the post travel blues away!

Josh and I are getting prepared for our camping adventures – we will make sure we write up a blog about that – lots of things are bound to go wrong and its bound to be hilarious J I am already slightly concerned as Josh says we need to get bear spray – I’m worried he will be trying to attract the bears instead of repelling them. We haven’t seen one yet and it is his main goal before we leave Canada. Please cross your fingers for my safety. Haha.

Bye for now – but will be seeing you soon – can’t wait.

Lots of Love –

Emily xxx