The latest happenings in Vancouver...

So over the past few weeks alot has happened since we've written a blog post. We've climbed up Grouse Mountain, stayed on Vancouver Island (Ucluelet), went to City and Colour, visited some Chinese Gardens, went to the top of the viewpoint tower, walked the entire Seawall, gone to the BC Hall of Fame, wandered around parts of Vancouver we never knew existed, discovered more sketchy areas of Vancouver (East of Main), moved to Yaletown and have a new housemate (Sharleen), played footy in the inaugural Cougars Cup, dressed up as Clark kent and Marilyn Monroe for a Hollywood party, which was then followed by sleeping all day long, and finally I got a temporary job at the University of British Columbia's Athletics Department. So all in all we've been pretty busy of late. Oh and Emily worked a 55 hour week last week... Crazy busy but now it looks as though we need to knuckle down and save as many dollars as we can so we can get back on the road again in July.

Anyways, I'll be uploading some photo's and video's of Ucluelet and some other places that we've been so you can see Vancouver in all its spring glory... Cannot wait for summer to roll around here as everyone keeps yapping on about it. 

Anyways, thats all from me folks! Stay tuned for some photo's!