Emily's Blog Debut

Hellllo blog readers!

After letting Josh shine the last three blogs I think it is probably time for my blogging expertise to surface.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading his 10 lessons learnt – my particular favourites are number 3 and number 8 and let me tell you why.


Number 3: Long-term travel isn’t a holiday (renamed by me: travelling with a bear). Josh and I have had a few ‘moments’ where he is lying in bed at 11:30am and I have a list of things I would like to achieve that day, and I spend about an hour trying to get us out of the house (coffee, breakfast, dressing Josh, etc). Let’s just say when Josh’s energy levels miraculously recovered and he made me breakfast in Whistler (first time of the trip) at 8:00am, I got him back. Suddenly I felt a strange desire to read the news for an hour…haha. Of course, I am only joking and in reality, Josh has taught me a lesson this trip: no matter how many hours you have in a city, you probably won’t get to see all you want to, and that’s not actually the end of the world. Sometimes you have to chill out! (And hopefully return one day to see what you missed).

Number 8: This is a long story – but to summarise – I was trying to convince a slightly tipsy Josh that it wasn’t a good idea to start a game of Kings (card drinking game for those not familiar) at 2am with our hosts in Montreal when we had to be up at 6am to catch our train to Ottawa. I can function pretty well on no sleep but Josh not so much. Somehow we still made our train - phew! And I learnt a new skill that night (how to flick bottle tops across a room) so all was not lost.

To finish up I am going to give you three things I love about -20 to -30 degree weather:

1.     Your nose continually drips. You must have tissues on you at all times. In Whistler they have ‘sniffle stations’ (tissue dispensers at every chair lift). In my opinion it would be very considerate if every city that suffers (sorry I mean is lucky enough) to experience this amazing weather provided sniffle stations every two metres. It’s actually like having the most annoying symptom of a cold ALL THE TIME. Fun!

2.     It sucks you in with being all pretty and new and entertaining for a while. The first time we experienced salt on the sidewalks and piles of snow at peoples doorsteps was in Montreal – very pretty. Also fun, because at any moment your feet could disappear underneath you and you will fall flat on your face. But then you get to Ottawa and it -35 and you have 24 hours to see the city, but you need breaks from being outside because you think your hands are actually about to fall off.


3.     It takes about an hour to get ‘winter ready’ (that’s on top of the hour already gone getting Josh up). I start with my bottom half – fleece-lined stockings, then thermals, then jeans – then top half: thermal, two long sleeve tops, two jumpers, coat., scarf, gloves, beanie. Then a few more pairs of socks. By this point I cannot physically bend to put my boots on, let alone zip them up. I am sweating before we leave the house. It is actually a relief to feel the fresh -30 air on my face. And then the burning starts again. Haha

I realise that all sounds a bit negative, of course I am just being silly. I feel so lucky to be doing what we are doing - I have to pinch myself on a daily basis! We have already had so many memorable moments and have met some amazing people. I am so excited to start this next chapter in our cosy apartment looking over Vancouver’s English Bay – what a view! And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I also have to say how lucky I am to be travelling with my bear…sorry.. too gushy. 

Lots of Love